Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Boo to You!
I made up some Boo! bags and dropped them off at a couple of friends in the neighbourhood. Its like a Secret Santa but for Halloween :) There is a cute poem about spreading some Halloween Boo! and putting treats inside. In addition to the regular little Halloween candy I just had to make some things.

Chocolate pudding and gummy worms for "Worms in dirt" dessert, Halloween pencils, a grave matchbox that's done up as a graveyard- inside is some candy. Peppermint paddies made up like spiders and a sign to colour to let other's know you've been "Boo'd" I also wrapped up a full chocolate bar with twill and glued googlie eyes on it to look like a Mummy.
It was a bunch of fun, i'm going to start it earlier this year and see if I can get the neighbourhood in on it.

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